Our Mission...

is to help children with Congenital Anomalies and provide a better life for them.


Create a Society That Takes Into Consideration The Child’s Congenital Anomalies Health And Social Needs So That They Can Live Normally Without Pain Or Illness That Prevents Them From Practicing a Happy And Safe Life.


  • Providing free health care to children with congenital anomalies .
  • Establishment of a specialized hospital equipped with the latest equipment to provide health care for children of congenital anomalies .
  • Spread cultural and health awareness of the rights and needs of children of congenital anomalies in Egyptian, African and international society.
  • Activating and encouraging scientists to initiate constructive scientific research; to find realistic solutions and better treatment methods for congenital anomalies.
  • Develop and improve medical education through :-
    • Establishing and developing a database of congenital anomalies children in Egypt and Africa.
    • Preparing international conferences and workshops in the field of child surgery and congenital anomalies.
    • Rehabilitation of the nursing system and raise its efficiency; to accommodate the problems of congenital anomalies and pediatric surgery.
    • Launch educational and scientific convoys in various governorates of the Republic, through which the provision of child health care through advanced surgical operations.
  • Supporting the program of empowering women in the scientific and charitable fields by giving them the opportunity and appointment in effective positions through which to make decision.

Lives We Saved

Inside Egypt

How we help

Hospital Development

The Society adopts the development of pediatric surgery units in hospitals In order to eliminate long waiting lists in government hospitals to provide outstanding service to our children.

Surgical Medical Convoys

  • In order to deliver the best service to our children, our association launches surgical medical convoys inside and outside Egypt.
  • Carrying out medical examinations and consultations in the treatment of specialized surgical operations.
  • Conducting accurate and advanced surgical operations for the largest available number of children with congenital anomalies.

Integrated Health Care Program For Those Unable

The association provides free medical services such as medical examinations, medicines, surgeries, radiology, analysis, physiotherapy, psychological care, as well as educating people about their problems to facilitate their integration into society.

Social Programs

Is a program adopted by the Association to raise awareness about the problem of congenital malformations in Egyptian society in all categories, as well as in the Arab and African world to reduce this growing problem.

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