The "Hand in Hand We Learn" campaign was launched under the slogan "You are not alone"

The “Hand in Hand We Learn” campaign was launched under the slogan “You are not alone”

Association of Friends of Pediatric Surgeries and Congenital Malformations
The “Id in Id Benalem” campaign is launched under the slogan
# You_mash_lonek
This is our belief in our role in serving the community and spreading the knowledge and health awareness of a society free of diseases.
This campaign is aimed at primary school children.

Starting the campaign for the first phase on 15/11/2017

Campaign Program:
Duration of the program per day is 4 hours.
Today’s paragraphs:
– Workshop for children on the principles of healthy hygiene habits, hygiene and general prevention.
– Children’s workshop on first aid.
– Children’s entertainment activities such as drawing and coloring of the campaign content.
– A simplified theatrical presentation to raise awareness about the problem of congenital malformations in children.