Prof. Waheeb medical convoy 3

Believing that every child has the right to receive the best medical service ever with minimal pain and maximal quality.

Vision :

To provide excellence of life changing surgical care experience and supreme medical services free of charge to people who are in need and poor  along  the countries of Nile border, namely, the African region.


Mission :

– To share in constructing several centers of pediatric surgery in the African countries, providing infra- structure consultations services as well as financial aid.

– Provide intensive training to pediatric surgeons building a self-sufficient “permanent medical team” for a sustainable quality of surgical care to the Nile of Hope centers.

– Ensure structured training for the medical staff members.

– Provide several scholarships for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to improve their research skills as well as applying new science in Africa as organ transplant.

– Arrange several international workshops to exchange knowledge between medical staff members from different countries with different experiences.

Objectives of 3rd medical convoy

  • Operating as much surgical cases as possible (more than 50 cases)
  • Checking what is still missing for the surgical ICU infrastructure.
  • Exchanging knowledge with pharmacists as well as pediatricians concerning pharmaceutical and nutritional care plan for the patient
  • Discussing the drug shortage problem
  • Meeting official figures to discuss the availability of constructing a children’s hospital in Zanzibar.

Team Members

  • Professor Doctor / Saber Waheeb_ Head of Alexandria Pediatric Surgery Department, Alexandria University, Egypt.
  • Doctor / Tamer Ghoneim lecturer of Aneasthesia
  • Mohamed Abdelmalak, pediatric surgeon
  • Hazem Ahmed, pediatric surgeon
  • Ragia Mohamed, Clinical Pharmacist_Nutrition Support
  • Sherouk Ayoub, architect
  • Amr Esmael, civil engineer