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Project Description

1. pre-disclosure cases of pediatric surgery:

Where it was detected on the number of 50 advanced cases of children suffering from birth defects and require accurate and advanced cases surgery was more choice in need of urgent intervention.

2. was conducted a total of 23 advanced process over four days:

No. of cases

11Distal Hypospadias
2Fistula after circumcision
1Amputated penis
2crippled ” hypospadias “

3. meetings with Tanzanian Minister of Health, and Deputy Foreign Minister of Tanzania, the director of the hospital in the presence of Mazioja Tanzanian ambassador in Egypt and the acting Egyptian Ambassador in Tanzania and members of the Department of Surgery and Pediatric Surgery.

4. Opening the Department of Pediatric Surgery Hospital Mazioja Zanzibar courtesy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, under the supervision of the Department of Pediatric Surgery in Alexandria, and contain
Two (2) custody, (3) Beds, (4) Monitor, (2) Hoods
In addition to a large amount of medical disposables and Musltzmat (leads, catheters, plaster).

5. Read and Operations Unit Number (4) on the machines for special surgical operations pediatric surgery.