Fwah 2018

Goals of the convoy:
1- Disclosing and providing medical consultations in the treatment of specialized surgical cases.
2. Conducting specialized pediatric surgeries.
3 – Emphasize the role of the Foundation and the Assembly in supporting and helping needy children of Egypt
And integrated care delivery.
Activities at the General Hospital of Fuwah:
– 25 surgical operations were conducted for the children of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate
Skill :
11 children with congenital defects in urine
5 cases of congenital anomalies
5 cases of testicular test and problems of the Arbic region
4 other cases
– The medical examination was signed on 65 children suffering from various problems in pediatric surgery
And congenital malformations.
– Through the convoy was trained young doctors and surgeons at the General Hospital on the skills
Pediatric surgery and dealing with multiple congenital malformations
Nursing and doctors in Alexandria.
Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Saber Wahib

Medical Team:
Headed by Prof. Dr. Saber Wahib, Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University
Dr. Tamer Ghoneim, Head of Pediatric Anesthesia Unit, Alexandria University
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Malak – Pediatric Surgery Specialist – Alexandria University
Dr. Mohamed Mansi – Pediatric Surgery Specialist – Alexandria University
Dr. Kriman Mohammed – anesthesiologist
Dr. Ahmed Koraitem – Pediatric Surgeon
Dr. Hazem Ahmed Abdelaziz – Pediatric Surgeon
A team of nurses and administrators.

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