Our Mission

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  • Providing free health care to children with congenital anomalies .
  • Establishment of a specialized hospital equipped with the latest equipment to provide health care for children of congenital anomalies .
  • Spread cultural and health awareness of the rights and needs of children of congenital anomalies in Egyptian, African and international society.
  • Activating and encouraging scientists to initiate constructive scientific research; to find realistic solutions and better treatment methods for congenital anomalies.
  • Develop and improve medical education through :-
    • Establishing and developing a database of congenital anomalies children in Egypt and Africa.
    • Preparing international conferences and workshops in the field of child surgery and congenital anomalies.
    • Rehabilitation of the nursing system and raise its efficiency; to accommodate the problems of congenital anomalies and pediatric surgery.
    • Launch educational and scientific convoys in various governorates of the Republic, through which the provision of child health care through advanced surgical operations.
  • Supporting the program of empowering women in the scientific and charitable fields by giving them the opportunity and appointment in effective positions through which to make decision.