Constipation-Excretion of Children

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Constipation is a general word, but there are many models for the problems of excretion  in children may be inherited, including congenital result of the absence of neurons in the part of the colon or the whole colon and there may be excretion problems  the inability of the family to know how to deal with their children for the nutrition system and its quality and timing And the system of dealing with diapers and the lack of training of the child on the process of natural extraction and the need for proper timing to dispense with those diapers  , may be problems of excretion are simple, but may be a compound need examination and analysis or radiations or may require surgical interventions for treatment or diagnosis and the most important problems of excretion or constipation are which had complications that negatively affect the lives and health of the children so the parents must rapidly exam by pediatric surgeon   to find out the reasons for the existence of surgery or not at the earliest and fastest time from the beginning of the complaint and symptoms.