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Development Of Pediatric Surgery Department -ElShatby Hospital

Brief About Project

The pediatric surgery department – Faculty of medicine of Alexandria university perform 4500 procedures per year on children born with congenital anomalies. They are also responsible for the after care follow up of over 20,000 children through weekly out-patient clinics.
– This is the first step in treating the problem faced by over 10 million children across the north coast and Nile Delta.
– The organization has faced many obstacles ranging from the infrastructure and medical equipment to the manpower needed to taken the volume of patients needing treatment. These challenges are significant in being able to provide efficient and accurate care.
– Since its establishment of the department in the seventies government endowments had not be substantial enough to develop the department as we found the same number of equipment and facilities which lead a mass decrease in efficiency organizations aim to develop the department in the facilities available with the use of donations to fund them.



Aware of the responsibility and our perception of reality deteriorating and starting to plan a chance to see and to revive the Department of Pediatric Surgery (re-establishing and equipping and modernization and development) Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University , commensurate with the size of the required services and growing and deserves our sick children

Through 5 Axes :

  • Development of surgical intensive care
  • One day operations
  • Development of operations rooms.
  • Dormitory child development – Second floor.
  • Educational and administrative floor.

Development Axes

The First Stage

The Second Stage

New Surgical Intensive Care, Day Services Center, Which Opened In January 28th 2015.

– Basic Paediatric Surgery.
– Educational Classes and Administration on the Fifth Floor of the ElShatby.
– Paediatric Surgery Ward and Intermediate Care on the Second Floor.
– Central Sterilization and Laundry Room on the Fourth Floor.

Project Stages :

The First Stage :The development of surgical intensive care

  • Increase the capacity of the patients from 7 to 35 (27 nurseries, 8 Beds, 9 respirator devices) making it the largest surgical intensive care unit for children regionally and internationally
  • Increase in the Therapeutic efficiency of medical service to children through:
    1. The establishment of an integrated unit for the preparation of IV solutions for children.
    2. The beginning of the establishment of rapid surgical intensive care.
    3. The introduction of an electronic database to include the entire case files.
    4. Provide you with an immediate Radiology dry film processing connected to the patient database.
  • Attention to manpower by increasing the number of nurses for the number with nurseries and families

The First Stage:The development of outpatient clinics:

Develop of an outpatient area to be an integrated centre for clinics and operations everyday which consists of :

  • Detection room for new cases and determine the dates of the operations.
  • rooms for follow-up of cases and specialized clinics.
  • The area of operations per day :
    1. Two operating theatres to conduct more than 12 operations a day
    2. A recovery room.
    3. Rooms for nurses and doctors attached to the operations.
  • Room for vocational training for doctors and live operations.
  • Children’s games room attached to the clinics.
  • Laboratory cases of pediatric surgery.
  • Feeding room.

The Second Phase :Development of unit surgeries

  • Increase the number of major operating rooms to 4 fully equipped operating rooms.
  • The development of devices and operating capabilities by increasing the number of operating table and anaesthesia devices.
  • Renew and intensify operations machines in order to meet the number of operations performed in a single list of operations and there is no necessity for rapid sterilization struggling to contamination of wounds caused by it.
  • Development of machines and Urology devices for children.
  • Restriction of the infrastructure for operations to match the standards of infection control through:
    1. Develop the dressing room and break ares for doctors and other for nursing .
    2. Resuscitate the processing of cases after surgeries
    3. Central sterilization of the Department of Pediatric Surgery .

The Second Phase:The development of the wards

  • The establishment of a comprehensive expansion of the wards and re- organized to allow an increase of the number of beds to become a 20- bed increase doubled from the previous number.
  • Patients receiving room processing and detention equipped with ultrasonic waves to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of immediate action for cases of intestinal overlap in children.
  • Infrastructure for the processing of the wards where the electricity grid and gas , bathrooms and others.
  • The establishment of a children’s library Keen on the psyche of children on the latest level of entertainment and Tqivia where children are detained on their own without the people .

The Second Phase:Administrative and educational floor

  • The establishment of two stadium of Pediatric Surgery .
  • Create the administrative in the unit which includes :
    1. Head of Department Office – faculty office – Meeting Room .
    2. Secretarial and archive .
    3. Pediatric surgery and congenital anomalies friends association .
    4. Innocent childhood Support Society .
    5. Office of the President of the nursing staff .
  • Simulation room.


Scientific Meetings and Scientific Research

Put a special training regime deputies pediatric surgery , which fits with the overall vision of the Department of General Surgery

  • The establishment of a PhD in Pediatric Surgery – Alexandria University .

  • The establishment of a weekly scientific meetings , was the establishment of 40 weekly meeting yet .

  • The establishment of a special monthly meeting to discuss the cases of tumors “Tumor Board” in collaboration with the Department of Oncology and Pathology and the Department of Children and will be held on Tuesday, pediatric surgery unit Shatby , has been the establishment of 10 monthly meetings so far.

  • Establishing regular monthly scientific meetings with some other sections , such as the children’s section and premature and community medicine, radiology , anesthesia and clinical pharmacy , it has been the establishment of 15 monthly meetings so far .

  • Workshops every three months Shatby University Hospital .. is hosted professors of pediatric surgery from Egypt and abroad.

  • The establishment of Pediatric Surgery Annual Conference in Alexandria, saluting the establishment of three international conferences so far.