charity vision

Fulfilling the message for Egypt, Our children and medicine in providing better health care services to the community, in response to the urgent and growing needs of the people. The school of medicine and university hospitals are to be a center of excellence and innovation in medical, educational and scientific research and not for monitory gains. We aim to be the best on a national and international level.

charity mission

Assembly aims to revive the Department of Pediatric Surgery - Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, in order to play its role worthy of an efficient high-deserved by our patients.

  • Providing surgical and therapeutic aid for patients with pediatric surgery and congenital malformations Hospital Shatby.
  • Provide assistance to the families of children surgery and birth defects.
  • Organizing training courses for workers in the field of pediatric surgery to raise the quality of medical treatment.
  • Organizing scientific conferences to gain access to the latest scientific achievements in the field of pediatric surgery and congenital malformations.

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